About Us

Our founder and CEO,  Angelia , started producing Hair Butter 4 years ago following an incident which caused her daughter to cut her hair. Angelia says, "As a result of my daughter cutting her hair and deciding to go natural, I decided that I wanted to create a product that will help the hair to grow healthily, thoroughly moisturize the scalp and one that includes a pleasant aroma which everyone can use!" She made a decision at that time to name the family-owned brand Ceasor's All-Natural Hair Butter and has since changed the name to Cur'Vaze (2020). Angelia later decided to create products just for the men, so she kept those the same things mentioned earlier in mind while working diligently to produce products for the Cur'Vaze Men's Care line. She decided to create a different variation of fragrances that her husband and other men would love, considering that lavender wasn't the most appealing for all men. Our CEO shares that, "Each of our hair butters has a unique aroma and the products are made with 100% All-Organic butters and with you in mind...", she also continues on to add that "Healthy hair is my BUSINESS!".